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Hello, valued customers! We extend our sincere gratitude for your patience as we diligently work on updating our website. Our goal is to create an enhanced and seamless shopping experience for you. We are dedicated to making improvements that will elevate your interaction with our platform.

Explore premium craftsmanship with our hand-built, mid-century-inspired cabinet and furniture collection. Specializing in custom bathroom vanities, we also offer an array of sideboards, credenzas, buffets, TV consoles, dressers, nightstands, and more. Elevate your space with timeless quality.


Experience the meticulous craftsmanship of Draftwood Design products, where every piece is thoughtfully constructed with a keen eye for detail. Our furniture combines solid wood and premium veneer, treated to enhance its natural tone and sealed with a clear satin finish—eschewing stains for authenticity.

Embrace the uniqueness of each piece; working with organic materials like wood ensures distinctive characteristics. Customize your cabinet's configuration with a choice of doors, drawers, or shelves. Opt for Walnut, White Oak, Mahogany, Maple, or Black, White, Navy, and Two Tone lacquer options.

Tailor the dimensions to your space—widths up to 96". Our bathroom vanity cabinets feature an unfinished top and open space above the doors, simplifying sink installation. Elevate your space with our commitment to quality, customization, and unique craftsmanship.



Explore our cabinet features, featuring meticulously crafted solid wood handles that add a touch of sophistication to your furniture. Opt for a personalized touch by choosing to receive your cabinet without handles, allowing you to install your custom handle upon delivery. Simply let us know your preference by adding a note at checkout.

For a modern and handle-free aesthetic, consider our cabinets equipped with magnetic push latches, especially suitable for doors. If planning this for a bathroom vanity cabinet, keep in mind that sink installation should start no closer than 2 1/4" from the front of the cabinet (accounting for a 3/4" door and a 1 1/2" latch).

While our doors provide the convenience of latch systems, drawers are designed for easy access with the addition of handles. Uncover the ideal fusion of functionality and style within our carefully crafted furniture pieces.

Leg Height

Choose between 9" or 11" leg heights as customizable options for our straight leg base style. Please note that the standard leg height for bathroom vanity cabinets is set at 11".

Opt for a distinctive look with our angled leg base, standing at a height of 7 1/2". The standard height for the cabinet body is 22".

For those seeking a tailored solution, our custom sizing option, available for an additional $200, allows you to modify the leg height to 9" while building the cabinet body taller. Elevate your space with personalized dimensions that suit your unique preferences.


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Since 2015, our dedication to crafting genuine, high-quality products at equitable prices has remained unwavering. Enjoy complimentary shipping across the United States. Our expert customer service team is available Monday to Friday to assist you with inquiries and provide valuable advice.

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